Russia has fired 600 missiles against Ukraine, putting 95 percent of its military power in the country, according to the US.

Russia has fired a total of 600 missiles since its invasion of Ukraine began,  US defense officials have revealed. A senior US defence official speaking to Reuters said that as at Sunday, March 7,  Russia has committed approximately 95% of its amassed combat power inside Ukraine.

There was fighting in Kherson and Mykolaiv on Sunday and Russian forces are still trying to attack Kyiv, Khakhiv, Chernihiv, and Mariupol. But the Russian advances have been met with strong Ukrainian resistance backed up by weapons and aid supply from NATO countries which has slowed down the Russian assault.

Russia has fired 600 missiles at Ukraine with 95% of amassed combat power now in Ukraine - US says

The US says the skies above Kyiv remain contested, with Ukrainians and Russians retaining a significant majority of their air combat power, a stark contrast to Vladimir Putin’s claim that Russia has destroyed almost all of Ukraine’s Air-force and missile defence systems.

“We believe the Ukrainian people in most parts of the country still have means of communication, access to internet and the media,” the US Defense official added.

The official also said the US has not observed an amphibious assault near Odessa and they do not assess one is imminent.

The war is now in it’s 11th day with Russian forces aiming to take the city of Kyiv and remove or kill leader Volodimir Zelenskyy.

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