Russian soldiers appear to be shooting a man with his hands up in drone footage.

Drone film purports to show Russian forces shooting an unarmed Ukrainian driver with his hands up while a lady and child look on.

The clip, obtained by German broadcaster ZDF, shows a number of automobiles making abrupt U-turns after witnessing soldiers emerge from a tank positioned on the outskirts of a highway leading into Kyiv’s centre.

While the other cars race away, a little silver automobile comes to a halt in front of another car that appears to be riddled with bullets and has its doors ajar, according to ZDF.

A video still shows the man with his hands up.

The driver exits his vehicle and sprints around it, his hands plainly raised, only to collapse, clutching his chest, seconds later.

The heavily armed soldiers — wearing white bands to ID them as Russian, according to ZDF — then run up to the car where the driver remains prone on the ground.

The man lies dead after being shot.

According to ZDF, they can be seen removing a woman and a child from the vehicle before dragging the body to the side of the road and leaving it in plain sight.

The mother and her child were led into the woods, but the drone film failed to record what happened to them, according to ZDF. The footage does, however, show the military torching the car, according to the station.

Arndt Ginzel of ZDF tracked down the Ukrainian volunteer-fighter who recorded the video, claiming that the time stamp and geo-tracking information all appeared to support its authenticity.

It is unclear what happened to the woman and the child.

On Monday last week, drone operator Zanoza, a volunteer with the Bugatti Company, said he was photographing the Russian tank as part of his work following the invading forces’ approach into the city.

The automobiles were going toward the city center when they came across the tank shortly after 2 p.m., according to Zanoza, who confirmed that the troops and tank all had Russian markings.

Despite significant claims of war crimes, Russia has repeatedly denied targeting people in its so-called “special military operation.”

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