Sir Alex Ferguson departed Manchester United in 2013 for personal reasons, according to Wayne Rooney.

Wayne Rooney, the manager of Derby County and a former Manchester United captain, has revealed why Sir Alex Ferguson left Manchester United.

Ferguson ‘went out’ of Manchester United as ‘quickly as he could’ once he saw the club was in decline, according to the former Manchester United striker, who is the club’s and England’s all-time leading goalscorer.

Ferguson was at Old Trafford for 27 years before retiring in 2013, leaving a title-winning club in the hands of his replacement, David Moyes. However, the club has been in decline since then, winning only four trophies and no Premier League crowns.

Rooney requested Manchester United to let him join another club in 2010, criticizing the club’s ambition after the sale of Ronaldo and Tevez in 2009. Manchester United won two league crowns in the next four years thanks to Ferguson’s efforts.

Rooney then had another falling out with Ferguson during Ferguson’s final year at Old Trafford, when he sought to leave once more, while Manchester City were on the rise at the time.

Rooney claims that the previous United coach ditched the team because he knew they were on the slide.

“Actually, five years on from that meeting, Alex Ferguson understood where the club was going and walked out as swiftly as he could, and they’re still cleaning up the pieces now,” Rooney told Metro.

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