Two people were killed in a mass shooting in Sacramento that left six people dead.

Two of the six people murdered in a mass shooting in downtown Sacramento early Sunday morning, April 3, have been identified.

When bullets erupted at 2 a.m., Sergio Harris, a 38-year-old married father of two girls, and DeVazia Turner, a 29-year-old woman, were killed along with four others as crowds cleared out of the capital city’s pubs and nightclubs.

A total of 12 people were injured as a result of the incident.

According to authorities, at least two shooters are thought to have opened fire.

As of early Monday morning, April 4, the suspects were still on the loose.

The public has been asked to assist police in identifying the shooters.

Sergio Harris’ father told ABC10 that his son was among those killed.

Harris’ mother, Pamela Harris, told the publication that he was “great to be around, liked to party, have fun, and was always smiling.”

She stated, ” “I have a child who is lying on the ground, and I need answers. I’m just looking for some responses.”

Two victims identified in Sacramento mass shooting that left six dead

DeVazia Turner, of Vacaville, was also killed in the massacre, his family confirmed.

Two victims identified in Sacramento mass shooting that left six dead

Sacramento Police said that three men and three women were slain and 12 others were wounded. Authorities have not yet disclosed the conditions of the 12 surviving victims.

Police said Sunday afternoon that those injured had “varying degrees of injuries.” According to KCRA3, four of those hospitalized people have life-threatening injuries.

A vigil was held at the Cesar Chavez Plaza on Sunday where dozens community members prayed and called for an end to senseless violence, the outlet reported.

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