Will Smith felt speech would make slap ‘great,’ according to Oscars producer Will Packer.

Will Packer, the Oscars producer, justified Will Smith’s standing ovation for his Best Actor win, saying the actor tried to make the stressful situation “better” with his acceptance speech.

“It wasn’t like this was some random stranger. “I don’t think the folks in that room stood up for somebody they knew, who was a peer, who was a friend, who was a brother, who has a three-decades-plus career of being the reverse of what we witnessed in that moment,” Packer said on “Good Morning America” Friday.

The criticism — and hypocrisy — of the standing ovation after Smith, 53, slapped Chris Rock was dismissed by Packer, 47, as a “aberration.”

“I believe that these folks spotted a familiar face and believed that this was an anomaly,” he continued, adding that the crowd hoped it was a “bit” produced by Smith and Rock.

“I don’t believe anyone was applauding anything about that moment.” All of these people observed their friend at his lowest point and hoped that by encouraging and lifting him up, he would be able to make things better.”

When the “King Richard” star won his Oscar on Sunday night, he apologized to everyone except for Rock, who Packer called a “lost chance.”

Will Packer and Chris Rock backstage at the 2022 Oscars.

“If he wasn’t going to give that speech, which made it truly better then yes, because now you don’t have the optics of somebody who committed this act, didn’t nail it in terms of a conciliatory acceptance speech in that moment who then continued to be in the room,” Packer said.

Despite Smith’s belief that his on-stage apology made the situation “really great,” he stated that the slap spoiled the night.

Packer explained, “[The energy] was entirely sapped out of it.” “It seemed like concrete was poured in that room.” What was it about what had just transpired that made you feel this way? Is this something that happened? How am I expected to react? It sucked the life out of the room and never returned.”

Packer had previously stated in his interview that he was “not part of” discussions about requesting Smith to quit.

After the event, which was condemned by the Academy as part of its inquiry, Rock, 57, declined to seek charges against Smith.

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