Woman expelled from the Vatican for wearing a revealing attire says she will no longer be a Catholic.

Because of how she was treated, an internet influencer who claimed she was kicked out of the Vatican for being “too sexy” has decided to abandon her Catholic faith.

On January 30, 2022, Juju Vieira, a Brazilian native, was in Rome for a visit to Saint Peter’s Basilica in the center of the holy city.

For the occasion, she donned a tight dress and long boots.

Woman kicked out of Vatican for wearing sexy outfit says she will stop being Catholic

She claims she was told she wasn’t dressed correctly and ordered to leave while she was there.

“I went to the Vatican like everyone else to snap pictures,” Juju explained.

“A Vatican employee approached me and stated the space was for prayers and that I was not dressed correctly, and he urged me to leave, effectively ‘kicking’ me out of the Vatican.”

“I felt ashamed because other individuals in the room had heard this.” “I felt belittled.”

Juju, who was baptized and raised in a devout Christian environment where she routinely attended mass, alleges she has been harassed online by trolls who have sent her abusive comments since then.

“I encountered an absence of God in the minds of those who call themselves Christians.”

Woman kicked out of Vatican for wearing sexy outfit says she will stop being Catholic

She has decided to abandon her faith and investigate other religions as a result of what transpired at the Vatican and the consequent abuse.

She stated, ” “I want to be myself and dress as I want, whether it’s sexual or not.

“I’d like to learn about different religions, but right now I’m more interested in spiritism.”

For both men and women, the Vatican has a rigorous clothing code that requires them to cover their shoulders and knees.

According to the website: “Sleeveless tops, crop tops, and tight shirts are prohibited for women. Shoulders should be covered, and a skirt or dress should cover the knees if worn.

“When traveling during the colder months, it’s usually a good idea for women to carry a shawl and a pair of leggings, as well as a light jacket that can be rolled up into a pleasingly compact bag.”

Juju claims she had no idea about the dress requirement and was dressed casually for a day out.

“I didn’t even know there were regulations,” the model claimed.

“A rational individual would not visit the Vatican dressed in club attire.” I looked great in my winter outfits, which were all coordinated.

“I dressed in comfy clothes that I could walk in for lengthy periods of time.”

“My only concern was my own comfort.”


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