‘World’s oldest man’ celebrates his ‘121st birthday’ in Brazil

After recovering from COVID-19, a Brazilian guy who claims to be the world’s oldest man celebrated his 121st birthday with his family.

On February 3, Andrelino Vieira da Silva, a resident of Aparecida de Goiania in the Brazilian state of Goias, celebrated his 121st birthday.

As they all recovered from Covid-19, the father-of-seven honored the event with an intimate gathering with family who live on the same plot of land as him.

Mr. da Silva was born on February 3, 1901, according to his ID card, and has 13 grandkids, 16 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild.

If his age is confirmed, he will be the world’s oldest living person.

He had seven children, five of whom are still alive, and he was married.

The retiree celebrated his milestone birthday with a cake bearing his initial name, age, and the words ‘O horror do INSS,’ which translates as ‘the terror of the INSS.’

INSS stands for the National Institute of Social Security in Brazil, which is responsible for pension payments and survivor benefits.

The organization, which took over from the defunct National Institute of Social Insurance (INP) in 1978, is also in charge of collecting contributions for the country’s social security system.

Mr. da Silva’s cake was designed by his granddaughter, Janaina Lemes de Souza, 36, who works as an accounting supervisor.

Ms. de Souza hailed her grandfather’s reaching the age of 121 as a “wonderful privilege.”

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