‘You would be doing your country and the world a wonderful favor if you assassinated Putin,’ a US senator says.

Senator Lindsey Graham of the United States has advocated for the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin by “someone in Russia.”

During an interview on Fox News’ Hannity show and a series of tweets on Thursday, the Republican Senator advocated for a Julius Caesar-style execution of the Kremlin strongman, who is presently directing an invasion of Ukraine.

‘Does Russia have a Brutus? He inquired. ‘Does the Russian military have a more successful Colonel Stauffenberg?’ He tweeted about the army commander who tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

‘The only way this is going to end is for someone in Russia to kill this person.’ ‘You would be providing a great service to your country and the world,’ he wrote in his post.

Graham’s plea for Putin’s assassination comes as the Russian leader continues to attack cities in Ukraine without regard for civilians.

After a firefight that set part of the complex ablaze earlier today, Russian troops seized Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine, prompting President Volodymyr Zelensky to accuse Putin of using “nuclear terror” and risking a catastrophe “six times worse than Chernobyl” that would affect the entire continent.

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