An explosion in France killed at least seven people, including two children (photos)

At least seven people were killed, including two children, in a fire in the French Pyrenees triggered by an explosion, which is now being investigated as arson.

At before 1.30 a.m. today, an explosion was heard before a massive fire broke out at a property in the Pyrénées-Orientales.

 At least seven including two children killed in fire?caused by an explosion in France (photos)

While more than a hundred firefighters rushed to the scene, a 27-year-old man was critically hurt after jumping from an upper window to escape the flames.

Because the building’s floors collapsed, not everyone inside was able to be saved.

Firefighters were able to save 29 persons, four of whom required medical attention in Perpignan and three of them suffered from smoke inhalation.

The identities of the seven victims have yet to be determined.

“A preliminary investigation for arson causing death has been initiated,” stated local prosecutor Jean-David Cavaillé.

According to initial accounts, at least 11 apartments were impacted.

 At least seven including two children killed in fire?caused by an explosion in France (photos)

An explosion is believed to have occurred on the building’s ground floor, near a grocery-sandwich store.

“When I got there, there was smoke everywhere,” Alain Got, the mayor of the small village, told local reporters.

“The roof and the floors both gave way.”

The source of the fire, he continued, was still unknown.

“I was sleeping, I heard a boom, I assumed it was a storm,” Isabelle, a local resident, told France Bleu.

“I was lying in my bed when the shutters opened and the windows’ edges moved.”

“I was terrified and ran downstairs as quickly as I could.” In the street, people were panicked and screaming.

“We couldn’t go back, so we came to take sanctuary with my neighbor.”

“We came to seek refuge with my neighbor because we couldn’t return to our apartments due to the excessive smoke.” I haven’t slept in days because I’m so stunned.”

“Our prayers are with the victims and their families,” a police official said.

“In these most unfortunate circumstances, we will mobilize to aid them as best we can.”

Gerald Darmanin, the French Interior Minister, has also stated that he is on his way to the scene.

Firefighters are still on the site, but progress has halted due to concerns that the building will collapse further.

An investigation into the cause of the explosion has been launched.

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