Fans believe Kanye West anticipated the Kim Kardashian rivalry in his song “All Of The Lights” 12 years ago.

Kanye West’s fans now believe the rapper/fashion designer foresaw his parenting conflict with Kim Kardashian before the two even started dating.

In the wake of Kanye and Kim’s recent social media outbursts, Ye’s fans have turned their attention to one of his 2010 hit songs, “All of the Lights.”

Kanye laments his partner’s replacement and his inability to visit his daughter in the song.

In the song, he sings, “I’m heading home, I’m almost there, I’m on my way, heading up the stairs, To my surprise, a n****[expletive]replacing me.”

He adds to the song at another point: “Order of restraint I can’t stand my daughter’s mother, brother, and grandma, in that order, all despise me.”

Fans believe Kanye West already predicted Kim Kardashian feud 12 years ago in

Last month, the 44-year-old singer accused her separated wife Kim Kardashian of concealing the location of her daughter Chicago’s birthday celebrations.

His followers are now using social media to “connect the dots.”

“The second verse of Kanye West is now a reality. He is unable to visit his daughter “One admirer expressed his displeasure with Kanye’s public rant.

Another person remarked: “”I can’t picture my daughter, her mother, brother, and grand mother all hating me in that order,” the man said. Kanye West is a goat!”

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