In Colombia, a deadly landslide has engulfed homes, killing at least 14 people.

A landslide buried many homes in Colombia’s central city of Dosquebredas, killing 14 people and injuring 35 others, according to the Colombian National Disaster Agency.

The landslide, which occurred in the early hours of Wednesday, February 9, was caused by severe rain in the adjacent coffee-growing province of Risalda, according to the Agency.

“According to our most recent report, 35 people were injured, 14 people died, and one person is still missing,” the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management said on Twitter.

Deadly landslide in Colombia engulfs homes killing at least 14 people

As the Otun River spilled, local authorities said they had already evacuated hundreds of surrounding homes due to worries of further landslides.

“We’re managing the full evacuation perimeter right now since we’re still seeing soil instability,” Alvaro Arias, Risaralda’s government secretary, said.

Landslides are common in Colombia due to the country’s mountainous geography, high rains, and shoddy or improvised housing construction.

According to a United Nations report from 2021, the country witnessed a landslide tragedy in the city of Mocoa in 2017, killing more than 320 people.

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