I’ve been investigated more than Al Capone, Jesse James, and Billy the Kid combined – Trump

Since 2016, Donald Trump has claimed that he has been persecuted by the Democrats and the media. He also criticized Joe Biden and Barack Obama for helping the Russian and Chinese governments form a “dangerous alliance.”

During a 40-minute interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday night, April 13, the former US president discussed a variety of topics, including Ukraine, energy policy, and inflation.

He accused Obama and Biden of ‘driving those two great monsters together’ with Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, accusing them of making major blunders.

Trump, who has said he is undecided about running for re-election in 2024, was asked by Hannity what he would do differently if re-elected.

‘I think one of the things I would do differently is that I find the media to be so corrupt that I would almost completely ignore them and focus just on getting the job done for the American people,’ he said.

‘You deal with the media, and you cater to the media.’ They’re deceitful; they write the opposite of what they say, and they cite sources that aren’t sources. They’re incredibly dishonest, which is why they’re called fake news.

‘I think I’d be more focused on getting the job done, on getting our country back – our country has never been in such a position as it is now, with disrespect from all over the world.’

‘I’ve been through more investigations in five years than Al Capone, Jesse James, and Billy the Kid combined,’ he said Hannity.

‘If I fly over a Democratic state on my jet, I’m going to be hauled in front of a grand jury.’

‘It’s an embarrassment, and the people of this country will not accept it.’

‘They’ve virtually armed law enforcement.’

Regarding Ukraine, Trump emphasized that he had strengthened NATO by requiring other members to pay their fair amount of dues, and that he had advised Angela Merkel, Germany’s previous chancellor, against relying too heavily on Russian oil.

He added, “Don’t forget, I rebuilt NATO.”

‘Because the first thing I observed when I went to the first meeting as president was that the majority of the countries were not paying – they were paying far less than they were supposed to.’

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