Nigerians who wish to fight in Ukraine must pay $1,000 for a plane ticket and a visa. – Embassy of Ukraine in Nigeria

Nigerians who have indicated interest in joining Ukrainian soldiers to fight the Russians invading their land have been told they will not travel to Ukraine for free.

A number of Nigerian men gathered this week at the Embassy of Ukraine in Abuja, Nigeria, to offer their services to the Ukrainian army.

It is believed they were responding to a recent call by Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, urging people around the world to join the fight.

At the Ukraine Embassy in Abuja, the Nigerian volunteers were told to put down their names in a register provided by the embassy.


However, the Nigerian volunteers were informed that they will have to provide $1,000 for their visa and ticket to Ukraine.

As the airspace in Ukraine has been shut due to the war, Nigerians wishing to join the fight in Ukraine cannot fly directly to the country. They would have to fly to any of the countries bordering Ukraine and enter Ukraine from there.

The volunteers were told that this will cost money, at least $1,000.

This did not go down well with volunteers, many of who said they can’t afford the money and are actually joining the fight to make money.

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