North Korea would destroy South Korea if it violates “even an inch” of its territory, according to Kim Jong-powerful un’s sister.

North Korea would nuke South Korea if it violates “even an inch” of its territory, according to Kim Yo-jong, the influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

The warning came as the reclusive country increased its ballistic missile testing, with nine launches so far this year.

Kim is quoted in the state media as saying:

“If the South Korean army injures even an inch of our territory, they would suffer a disaster we could never have imagined.”

“If a circumstance comes in which South Korea chooses to engage us in a military conflict, our nuclear warfare force will be forced to carry out its task.”

“This isn’t merely a warning. This is a full description of our response to South Korea’s potentially dangerous military move.”

Her outburst was sparked by remarks by South Korea’s defense minister, who stated that the country’s missiles have substantially improved.

According to Suh Wook, these weapons now have the “power to accurately and quickly hit any target in North Korea.”

Suh’s words were also a “very significant blunder,” according to Yo-jong, a top official in the administration and ruling party. Pyongyang, she said, opposes conflict because it would devastate the peninsula, and Pyongyang does not see South Korea as its main adversary.

She continued,

“However, if South Korea opts for such military action as a ‘preemptive attack’ for any reason – whether or not it is blinded by misjudgment – the situation will change.

“South Korea will become a target in such case.”

“The scumbag dares to discuss a ‘preemptive strike’ on a nuclear-weapons power.”

“South Korea may face a significant threat as a result of its defense minister’s imprudent words.”

Yo-jong is her brother’s closest confidante and has been confirmed as his senior official for South Korean ties.

This year, North Korea has tested a variety of increasingly powerful missiles. Officials in Seoul and Washington fear that, due to stalling discussions, it may be ready to begin nuclear weapons testing for the first time since 2017.

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