Switzerland enacts EU sanctions against Russia and Putin, including asset freezes.

Switzerland, which is known for taking a neutral posture in international disputes, has stated that it will join the European Union in imposing sanctions on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

The Swiss government officially opposed the Russian invasion and declared support with Ukraine in a statement released on Monday, February 28. It also stated that it will follow the EU’s lead in enacting sanctions against Russia.

“In light of Russia’s continued military activity in Ukraine,” the Swiss government declared, “the Federal Council decided on February 28 to approve the sanctions packages imposed by the EU on February 23 and 25.”

“Switzerland confirms its support for Ukraine and its people, and it will supply humanitarian supplies to those who have fled to Poland.”

Sanctions imposed on Russia will target not only the country’s economy, but also the assets of senior Russian officials. For as long as the sanctions are in effect, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will be unable to send or receive money from Swiss institutions.

The Swiss government stated, “By doing so, Switzerland is responding to the significant crimes of international law for which these persons are accountable.”

Another significant sanction imposed on the Russian government by Swiss authorities is the suspension of a 2009 visa accord.

People with ties to Putin will not be permitted into the nation, according to the statement. According to the government, the decision will allow “necessary actions to preserve the country’s security.”

Switzerland is likely best recognized for its neutrality in numerous important international wars, with Swiss diplomats serving as mediators. The Swiss government indicated in a statement that applying the EU penalties is an attempt to maintain neutrality.

“The Federal Council took into account Switzerland’s neutrality and peace policy considerations in making its choices.” It emphasized Switzerland’s commitment to use its good offices to help find a solution to the situation,” the statement said.

“The Federal Council’s decision to revise its earlier attitude on sanctions was influenced by Russia’s extraordinary military attack on a sovereign European country,” the Swiss government noted. “As a democratic country, Switzerland shares the principles of peace and security, as well as respect for international law.”

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