“They created a full-fledged conflict and pretend as though we are to blame,” Zelensky said of Russian leadership.

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, has slammed Russian leadership in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, claiming that Ukraine would triumph and that Ukrainians are “the bravest people of the best country in the world.”

In a speech to his homeland on Sunday night, Zelenskyy, who has led his country through a six-week battle with the Russian army, said:
“Another week is drawing to a close, “During Russia’s onslaught on the country, Zelensky gave a speech that he has given on a regular basis.
“Our struggle for liberty and the state. Ukraine has survived another week despite Russia’s best efforts to destroy us. We’re in a battle. We’re defending ourselves. The attacks are being repelled.”

In an attempt to deflect blame away from them, Zelensky accused Russian authorities of “lying.” “When cowardice spreads, everything becomes a disaster,” “He went on to say more. “When people lack the guts to admit their mistakes and apologize, to conform to reality, and to see that they are becoming monsters.”

According to the Ukrainian president, Russia has lost touch with reality, behaving as aggressors while accusing Ukraine for Russian troop operations, such as the killings in Bucha, the missile strike on the train station in Kramatorsk, and “every damaged city and burned town.”

“They have obliterated the lives of millions of people.” They’ve launched a full-fledged war and pretend as though we’re to blame,” Zelensky concluded.
Fearing defeat, Russia will undertake full-scale combat operations in Ukraine’s east, he added.

“But we are ready,” the president declared, warning that Ukraine will stockpile weapons and seek tougher sanctions on Russia to ensure that justice is served.

“Truth will triumph, and Ukraine will triumph,” “According to Zelensky. “This is undeniable. Ukraine is to be praised.”

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