War between Russia and Ukraine: The United States and its allies intend to expel Russia from the G20.

The US and other Western nations are considering a move to exclude Russia from the G20, Reuters has reported, citing sources.

The G20 refers to the group of the worlds 20 most important economies
which aims to coordinate action on issues affecting the global economy, including climate change and development. Reuters on Wednesday, March 23 said that Poland on Tuesday had suggested to US officials that it replaces Russia in the group, and that they received a “positive response”.

Such a move would add to the existing economic sanctions against Russia from the West which has places trade embargoes, seized assets of Russian oligarchs and sanctioned Russian politicians including president Vladimir Putin over his invasion of Ukraine.

The move to remove Russia from the G20 might still not work as it could likely be vetoed by other key G20 nations- including China, India and Saudi Arabia.

As a result of the possibility of vetoes, analysts believe that the G7 Western allies including France, US, UK, Japan, Italy and Germany might instead boycott G20 meetings this year – something that Indonesia, the current chairman of the club, has reportedly been warned about.

When asked about it on Tuesday, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan said: “We believe it cannot be business as usual for Russia in international institutions and in the international community.” Russia also used to be part of the G7 – which was expanded to the G8 in the 2000s but it was kicked out after it annexed Crimea in 2014.

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