When Nick Cannon announced the birth of his eighth child, he apologized for causing “additional suffering” to his children’s mothers.

Nick Cannon has apologized for causing “any more anguish or confusion” by announcing that he is expecting his eighth child.

Cannon, 41, disclosed that he and model Bre Tiesi are expecting a baby boy together on Monday’s broadcast of his eponymous talk show, less than two months after he and Alyssa Scott lost their son Zen, who died Dec. 5 from brain cancer.

Cannon apologized on air on Thursday, February 3 after admitting he “failed” to “protect and respect the privacy of the mothers of all my children” when he announced the news earlier this week.

The “Wild ‘n Out” star also admitted that he was apprehensive to reveal the pregnancy news so soon after he and ex-wife Alyssa Scott’s 5-month-old son Zen died of brain cancer in December.

According to Cannon,

“On Monday, I misspoke and perhaps went into too much detail in expressing my sentiments, and it may have appeared that I was drawing parallels between the death of my son Zen and the birth of the new kid I’m expecting.

“I didn’t have to since there are two very different periods in my life that both deserve to be respected.

“‘What is the perfect time?’ was always in the back of my thoughts.” What’s the best way for me to share this?

“I wanted to definitely respect the grieving process with [Alyssa], and Bre was respectful enough — she held off making our announcements and speaking on social media.”

Nick Cannon apologizes for causing

The show’s host also pledged that his children’s mothers would be more understanding and empathetic, and that he would “do better with delicate and sensitive topics.”

He stated,

“I know it seems weird because everyone is trying to figure out the time and everything, but none of that matters.” We’ve lost a child, and it’s still a heartfelt and genuine issue.

“I adore her, and I adore my kid Zen, and I will always adore them.” And I’m going to adore my new baby. As a responsible human being who accepts full responsibility for everything, I must express my deepest regret to everyone concerned for any additional sorrow or confusion I may have caused.”

Scott announced his pregnancy on Monday, just hours after Cannon did.

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